Crooked Sky Farms, located in Phoenix, is owned by Frank Martin. Farmer Frank  had always dreamed of becoming a farmer after working closely with his father in the sixties in the fields.  Back then, chemicals were prized in farming as a miracle 'cure-all' to pests, and not known to be harmful to humans as they are today.  Watching his father's health rapidly decline after years of exposure in the fields, he died a young man.  This instilled a passion in young Frank to return farming to the natural ways before the days of toxic pollutants, genetic modifications, and chemicals.


After ending his career in trucking to pursue his dream, in 1994, Frank became a farmer and Crooked Sky Farms was born.  Excited to spread the Local Food Movement enthusiasm, he coordinated the largest CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program in Arizona in 1999.  This inspired communities to pull together to support local farming to grow honest and healthy produce.


Embracing the teachings of his dad, a Native American migrant farm worker, Frank continues the Native American traditions of using: Heirloom seeds, natural care for the soil, crop rotation, and other sustainable farming practices.  He believes in the "Stewardship of the Land," where first priority always remains taking good care of the land, plants, animals, and people.

The list of his specialty produce is endless and changes every year to include something new and intriguing.  Did you know the beloved I'itois onion, prized by chefs and restaurants today, became popular after Farmer Frank began growing it locally and teaching other farmers and garden enthusiasts to do so, too?  Other tasty seasonal favorites include: Purple Majesty Potatoes, Lemon Cucumbers, Yellow Doll, Snow Leopard, and the mighty Black Diamond melons, prized Heirloom Tomatoes, I'itois Onions, Big Jim Chiles, Shishito Peppers, kale, mustard greens, chard, pumpkins, Native Cushaw Squash, bell peppers, and a mix of salad greens.


Today, Crooked Sky Farms provides produce to farmer markets, CSA members, customers, and restaurants in Arizona.  Come visit, be inspired, and support the Local Food Movement with us!


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