Vegetable Crop Mafia

Veggie Mafia came to farmer Frank in a dream and said “Come with me, I’d like to show you something.” Since then we have been possessed with this alter ego that creeps into our brains while we sleep, causing us to surpass any of our expectations. Our humble farm darts under the radar, growing insurmountable amounts of food for the MASSES!!! We are not a commercial farm but “Oh by Gosh, do we Grow!”


Here is your current veggie forecast. (Veggie forecasts are highly top secret. We have to sneak past the mafia to get this info to you).


Our 3 man tractor crew is currently planting ridiculous volumes. Please do not disturb.


18,ooo on Monday April 22nd


46,ooo on Tuesday April 23rd


36,ooo on Wednesday April 24th


Goal: ONE MILLION chile plants, producing about ONE MILLION pounds a week!!!! OMG kids, grab your mommies for this, its gonna be muy caliente in here soon.

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