The Crooked Sky Warriors


We have a humble staff of about 15-20 at all times. However, our harvesters, this group we call, The Crooked Sky Warriors. Battling scorching heat, pouring rain, icy chills, conquering the fields like they’re at war. Fierce and determined, they are the heart of our operation, feeding thousands each week. With acres throughout the valley and as far east as Duncan, AZ, our farm never sleeps.


Growing all natural takes more care and consistency in how we farm the land. Which means we only work with the best of the best.


Our staff is trained in speed and accuracy. Multiple varieties of produce means we have to know where and how to harvest. Watching the crops like a hawk ensures we do not lose any of them.


Growing up as a harvester, Frank genuinely appreciates our staff. Every bite of food, into homes/restaurants, etc has been selected and picked by this fine group, the Crooked Sky Warriors.

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