When I purchase a CSA share box, I have committed to enjoy the farm fresh, naturally grown produce that Crooked Sky Farms has chosen for the CSA boxes according to available quantity and seasonal produce. I am committed to executing a schedule for the time frame selected that is representative of that selected time frame.   (12 week pickup schedules should not exceed a 16 week time frame if holds are required.  I am willing to commit to all risks and rewards involved with the farm’s harvests for the duration of my subscription.


I also agree that:

  1. I must pay a minimum of 48 hours in advance for one, four or twelve pickups, and my payment is non-refundable and does not guarantee me an exact amount of produce at each pickup;

  2. I am responsible for picking up my share(s) at the location I selected and agree to the hours of pick up designated at said location. I understand that if I am unable to arrange pick up of my share(s) my order will be donated to charity at the end of the pickup day and no refund will be expected or given.

  3. I understand that privilege to place a hold is intended to allow flexibility for those with erratic and unpredictable work schedules or to allow for holding the service for a family vacation.  One should not expect to use the hold feature to intentionally extend the intended schedule  selected by more than half its original time frame. (i.e. 4 weeks should not take longer than 6 to complete and 12 week subscriptions should not take longer than 18 weeks to complete.)  Please discuss required exceptions with the office manager of Crooked Sky Farms prior to approving the confirmed schedule. 

  4. To place a hold, I must email with the request by the Friday preceding the requested hold date.

  5. I may not claim refunds for shares of produce I do not prefer. 

  6. I understand there is a trade box provided to each location to assist those with dietary restrictions, such as allergies. When required, this allows me to trade an item from my share box for an item from the trade box, swapping equally – and no more than share for share.  I further understand this is not offered as a taste test, or preference swap.  Please discuss any requests to swap produce with your host in order to ensure those with dietary restrictions are kept as the priority to exercise this feature for medical purposes first.

  7. I must maintain my own schedule and I will ensure I have reordered my subscription with a minimum of 1 week ahead of the first requested date of each new subscription.

  8. I will bring my own containers to pick up my produce.

* I understand there are NO auto-billing options.


Procedures may vary from location to location.  It is advised that you email the listed “host” which is made available to you during the ordering process.  They can provide you with information regarding the pick up methods operated at that location.

Overall, it’s important that you make sure:

  1. Your name is listed and the correct box size was provided.

  2. Bring your own bags / boxes to collect your shares with.

  3. Collect your shares – no more – no less.  Taking more reduces the next person’s portion, taking less creates left overs.  If you’d like to leave something extra for another subscriber, please let your host know.

  4. Use the trade box to trade out an item you do not prefer and take from the trade box a reasonable portion in each trade.







Box contents:  An email will be sent out by Tuesday afternoon, listing all box contents for the week.  Please understand that there have been times we had to change an item at the last minute. 

Crooked Sky Farms thanks each and every one of you for your support and we strive for great quantities and fresh produce for you to experience!  Happy - Healthy - Cooking - Dining!

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