With fall crops planted - the summer cools to a crisp 107 degree average!   Just waiting for that rain! 


In the meantime, corn, watermelons, Anaheim chilis, bell pepper, more celebrity tomatoes, okra, tomatillos and green beans as well!  


Also - news flash!!    I'itoi bulbs are dried and are now ready for planting!ere to see some squash cooking tips!

Shop healthy, feel better. 

Open to the public. Availability subject to change due to weather, quantity, etc. Orders are easiest to harvest with notice. See ordering process below. Ask about our specials.



Here is how it works.

We do sell to the general public and if you’d like to order anything from the list above feel free to place a custom order by calling us at 623-363-7422 or you can email orders@crookedskyfarms.com . Please allow 1 day for custom orders (order the previous day before 10 am). 

Pricing subject to change upon season, you may request a price list through email, we do not put pricing on the site. 

Large orders over 300 bunches or pounds will contact our farm for further instruction. Usually a very large order will have to be placed a day or two in advance before 10am.


If you can’t make it during the weekday, we're always at the markets on weekends!   See Farmer's Market Locations HERE


We sell by (b) bunch, (p) piece, (#) pound and (h) head.  A bunch is usually classified from the tip of the middle finger to the tip of the thumb around the stems. 


We hope this information is beneficial. Good health to you and thank you for supporting your local farmer.

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