Name that Alien

Meet_____, he comes from planet _______.  About a year ago his life was totally different. Unfortunately he had a checkered past, traveling from planet to planet tagging the earth with alien graffiti, aka crop circles. Along the way he and his alien gang came across Crooked Sky Farms.


Overwhelmed by the beauty of the crops he couldn’t bring himself to let his buddies harm our fields. He quickly jumped out and threw himself in front of the ship, creating a blockage with his invisible force field.


Angered by this action, his friends abandoned him on Earth. When the sun sleeps we see glimpes of him wandering the fields.Occasionally we see him make an appearance during the day. A bit coy for now but in time we hope to learn more about him. In the meantime we have only sneaked a peak at one page in his journal so more stories for another time. Happy and content he has dedicated his life to preventing other aliens from tagging farms.


Sadly, he does not have a name that can be pronounced in English. Please help him find a name. The person with the best name wins a free box of produce!


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Contest Ends: when we have selected a winner

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